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What is SigmaNIL?

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The Video Wall

Powered by SigmaNIL


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Always The Winner

Worldwide Competitions

Easily Customisable

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Play the Controller

NUI for Computer Games

Unique & Clean

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Public Beta Release!

SigmaNIL Core is Open Source.

Download SigmaNIL Framework from OpenNI.org Now! (3959)

Check out SigmaNIL Framework Documentation & Tutorials.


Limited Offer!

First 10 applicants will get an unlimited license for SigmaNIL Framework. The framework is currently composed of the following parts:

  • SigmaNIL Core (source code included)
  • SigmaNIL Modules (HandSegmentation, HandSkeleton, HandShape and HandGesture)
  • SigmaNIL Tools (Mainly training tools to customize hand gestures, shapes, etc to suit your needs)
  • Documentation
  • Sample Projects (source code included)

You can have these for the amount you are willing to pay! We believe you will appreciate the time and effort spent on the development of the framework and the underlying academic work.

Please just fill in and submit the form. Don’t forget to tell us a bit about the projects you plan to use SigmaNIL for, this will help us to prioritize what’s needed the most.

Order Now!

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